In a recent article written for ZDNet by David Gewirtz, the user said the two things he couldn’t stand about CRMs boiled down to this:

They required too many fields when entering a new contact, which made it difficult to create new contacts quickly and easily.

Nobody would want a new task list or activity schedule somewhere besides their Google or iCal calendars.

He concluded that simply searching his email for contacts and checking email history was the best and easiest contact relationship manager for him.

While this could work in some instances, it would not allow you to manage other important activities with your clients, such as when they subscribe to certain interests. It won’t allow you to jot down phone call notes; and even something as simple as meetings you’ve had with that person can’t be captured through your email.

Even more importantly, if you are working with a team, your team members would not be able to see your contact history, unless you intend to share your email login with every member of your team.

Thankfully, we thought of Mr. Gewirtz’s annoyances when we built UkuuPeople 1.6, as the only mandatory fields are name and email, and you can sync UkuuPeople Touchpoints with your Google calendar (a favorite feature of mine).

Also, you never have to manually enter a contact if you do not wish to. You can populate your contact list with completely automated entries through contact forms, event registrations, surveys, and donations. This is the whole idea behind UkuuPeople—seamless integration of your website and contact manager.

Recently, we received an email from Frank, who lives in Berlin, Germany. He recounted that he used UkuuPeople to keep track of his contacts and that it was simple and did what he needed a CRM to do.

These two anecdotes bring me to what we love most about UkuuPeople: It’s simple. We want you to set up a group or two, sync to MailChimp to start emailing to your Tribes, and be able to record information you need about contacts when you need to. We want you to be up and running, using as little or as much of UkuuPeople as you need. We want UkuuPeople to be there for you if all you have to do is enter a contact manually (and quickly). We want it to be there for you when you add that contact to a Tribe that you know he or she belongs to. And we want it to be there for you when you craft that perfect email asking for donations to bring medical attention to children of refugees, or when you ask for a sale for your indie CD.

We also want it to be there for you when you grow and start tracking opportunities and creating reports.

UkuuPeople is for connecting.

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You’re there for your people, and we want to be there for you.

Whom do you want to start connecting with today? Let us help you.

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