Why Humans?

Why did you pick Humans for your UkuuPeople project?

That is a fair question, and believe me, it wasn’t an easy decision. When we originally sat down to discuss this whole idea of a simple CRM for WordPress, we considered all species. Dogs were of particular interest as we do have a Bernese mountain dog on our team. We considered that possibility for a while, but our research indicated that Humans are the primary users of WordPress, which is the platform we’ve decided to build UkuuPeople for. Besides this, we are also Humans, so it was easier conceptually to come up with a product that was easy for Humans to use.

Additionally, some have asked us why we didn’t choose to convert human interactions into cold data types like “Leads,” “Donors,” “Accounts,” “Opportunities,” “Cases”—the list goes on and on. Our team has worked intimately with over half a dozen other CRMs in the past decade so we’re fully aware of these labels and options. We felt like converting Humans into some digital data type is just rude and impersonal. We specifically wanted users of our software to remember that these people are Humans, just like you.

So what do you think of Humans, TouchPoints, and Tribes? Leave a comment below. Humans only, please!


  1. Meg Martin says

    I love this concept of real, human connection. I like having my relational data feel like intimate tribes of humans I connect with. It completely changes the way I interact with people online!

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