What’s New in Version 1.0.2?

We’re really excited about releasing the next version of UkuuPeople and there’s a little twist. UkuuPeople is now free!

Now Free

After a lot of discussion within our team and our peers we’ve come back to what got us started with this whole idea. The people who built UkuuPeople started out providing custom, large scale CRM integrations for nonprofit organizations. While we loved providing these services we had a lot of people come to us who simply didn’t have the budget for our full service solution. We set out to make a solution that would be accessible for everyone and provide the tools that small organizations needed at an affordable cost and that wouldn’t require a high level of technical knowledge to set up. By making UkuuPeople free, we can open up this tool to be used by anyone!

New Features

We’re really excited about some of the improvements to the UkuuPeople interface!

  1. Contact images automatically retrieved from Gravatar profile.
  2. Contact thumbnails now displayed in people list.
  3. Added fields for contact data. (social media, date of birth, job title)

New Add-ons

We are thrilled to announce the early release of the Give integration for UkuuPeople. Give is the fastest growing donations pages plugin for WordPress made by our friends over at WordImpress. We’ve created the ability to capture those transactions back into UkuuPeople. Now you can see total transactions, total amount, amount YTD, amount last year and average contribution amount.

If you didn’t already know, UkuuPeople also integrates with MailChimp - one of the most popular mass emailing tools, and Gravity Forms, the perfect way to capture front-end data from users and automatically add it to your human’s profiles.

Check out all our awesome add-ons here!

What’s Next?

  1. We’re in the middle of developing a Google Apps integration which will allow you to sync your upcoming tasks with your Google Calendar. Future enhancements will include the ability to add your email to UkuuPeople contacts as a TouchPoint and the ability to add contact records in Gmail to UkuuPeople.
  2. We are planning a robust reporting tool to help you better utilize and analyze the data you collect with UkuuPeople. This will include transaction reporting with a number of different filters by date, amount, tribe, etc.


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