The integration we have made between UkuuPeople and Gravity Forms (the most-loved form builder for WordPress) allows you to map specific forms to specific Tribes.

For instance, if you have a form set up inviting people to opt into your email newsletter, you can assign all signups from that form to your “Newsletter Signup” Tribe. Or, if you have a form inviting people to a Fund Walk event, you can assign all those signups to the “Fund Walk” Tribe.

This keeps your database organized with very little effort on your part.

Here are four simple steps I would follow to create a feed from my “Get Our Newsletter” Gravity Form to my “Newsletter Signup” UkuuPeople Tribe.

One: Select “UkuuPeople Add-On” under your form’s settings.

Two: Give your feed a name and choose “People” as the type.

Three: Set Contact Type to “Individual” and Select the “Newsletter Signup” Tribe.


Four: Map the UkuuPeople fields (left column) to the Gravity Forms fields (right column). And save your settings.

Now anyone who signs up for your newsletter will be added to the correct Tribe, so that you can keep your MailChimp newsletter list up to date!

Bonus tip:

If your newsletter signup form includes options such as Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, you can set up a separate feed for each option. For further instructions, see our “Opt-In” tutorial.


  1. pierre on April 26, 2018 at 7:41 am


    Could I map a field to the file I received by upload in a gravity form ?

    I would retreiv in ukuupeople the file uploaded by customer.


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