In the last article, we talked about adding contacts that sign up via one of your Gravity Forms to specific Tribes so that you can easily segment your lists.

There’s another type of feed you can set up between Gravity Forms and UkuuPeople that automatically creates a TouchPoint in relation to a contact when they sign up via one of your forms.

Let’s say, for instance, that you have an event coming up and are calling for volunteers. You ask the volunteers to sign up via your form. That allows them the convenience of signing up for themselves. And it frees you up from phone time.

Here’s the steps I would follow to feed my volunteers’ information from the form into specific TouchPoints.

One: Select “UkuuPeople Add-On” under your form’s settings.

Two: Determine the feed type by:

  1. Naming this feed something that has to do with TouchPoints.
  2. And selecting TouchPoint for the Type.

Three: Further setup:

  1. Because my form allows volunteers to pick from three different jobs, I wanted to set up a TouchPoint that would be specific to each job. You’ll see I have a TouchPoint Type called “Volunteer - Docent Signup,” which I chose for this feed.
  2. Status is scheduled.
  3. I didn’t have any fields to map, so I left that blank.
  4. You can add a note or details about this TouchPoint by inserting text, merge tags (via clipboard icon), or both to this Details box.
  5. Again, because of the choice of jobs, I don’t want this feed to trigger unless someone has signed up as Docent. (I’ll go back and create separate feeds for the Cleanup and Setup volunteer jobs later.) So I chose the Opt-in Condition to tell this feed under what conditions it should run.
  6. Save settings, and I’m ready to try this out!

So, I’m previewing my form and checking that the information will feed correctly into UkuuPeople.

Here’s the form preview.

And here’s the results in the UkuuPeople TouchPoint files.

I’ve magnified the Details box here, so you can see how the text and merge tags I entered appear.

Now I can run a report to view all the Docent signups and even save them as a CSV file, if I want. This can be very helpful, at the time of the event, for checking that everyone made it and is accounted for.

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