UkuuPeople Import, Export, Report Addon

The UkuuPeople CSV Import, Export tool makes setting up your CRM a flash! No need to format your CSV to a specific format. With our importer you can simply map your fields using a handy drop down menu by each label.

And now we’ve added simple reporting as well,  so you can filter your People, Tribes, and TouchPoints; export filtered lists; create Tribes based on your filtered results; and more!


  • Using a CSV file, upload lists of contacts to your new UkuuPeople database. Simply map fields between your spreadsheet and UkuuPeople contact record fields.


  • Our simple export tool allows you to export a CSV file of your contact records, grouped by Tribes, Tags, Individuals, or Organizations.


  • Search, filter, and manage your contacts with our simple reporting tool. Then select as desired and add contacts to a Tribe or export to a spreadsheet.

This Version

  • Current Version: 2.0.0



  • Tested up to WordPress 5.3

We recommend servers running version 7.3 or greater of PHP as well as either version 5.6 of MySQLor at least version 10.1 of  MariaDB.

* Each license is valid for 1 year; billed yearly until cancelled.

Single or Multisite

UkuuPeople Import/Export/Report

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