UkuuPeople Core


UkuuPeople effortlessly ties all of your contact interactions and contact data collection tools together to form one authoritative master list of all of your contacts and a record of your interactions with them.

UkuuPeople Keeps You in the Know with These 4 Main Elements:

  • TouchPoints. Track every interaction.
  • Tribes. Segment your Humans based on groups that are relevant to you.
  • Integrations. Extending the awesome.
  • Dashlets. Quick ways to interact with
  • CRM data—personalized for you.

UkuuPeople Features:

  • Manage your human relationships
  • Track your relationship activity using TouchPoints
  • Attach files to TouchPoint records
  • Quickly view upcoming schedule and favorite contacts with Dashlets
  • Build your email list
  • Schedule meetings and tasks then assign them to team members
  • Automatically collect data from front end forms
  • Share relationship data with your whole team
  • Capture donation or payment information and display in contact dashboard
  • … and much more!

It all starts with Ukuu Core

  • This is the main database repository for all your humans and your interactions with them

This Version

  • Current Version: 1.6.2


  • WordPress 4.6 or newer
  • Minimum of PHP 5.6.2


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.3

We recommend servers running version 7.3 or greater of PHP as well as either version 5.6 of MySQLor at least version 10.1 of  MariaDB.

  • UkuuPeople Core is always free and does not require a license. Add to as many sites as you wish and feel free to send your friends to check us out as well.

UkuuPeople Core


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