Assign a Tribe or Tag

Specific categories of Tribes and Tags are typically set up ahead of time by your administrator in the Settings Dashboard, but you can also add them here.

A. Tribes are specific, major categories of contacts. Categorizing your contacts in this way is very useful for something like targeted email blasts.

B. You can select from the Tribes shown, or click on Add a New Tribe to set up a whole new category.

C. If the new category you add is a sub-category of a Tribe that already existed, select the pre-existing Parent Tribe before you click on the Add New Tribe button.

D. Tags are also specific categories of contacts, but they are minor categories and are more incidental. If needed, you can Add a New Tag from this screen.

E. For either Tribes or Tags, you can filter existing categories by clicking the  Most Used option.

For more about Tribes and Tags in the Settings Dashboard, go here.

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