What Are Dashlets?

Dashlets are mini-dashboards for quick access to UkuuPeople’s Customer Relationship Management most frequently used features.

My Activities Dashlet

Your Activities Dashlet is generated from the Touchpoints Dashboard. Every time you are assigned a specific Touchpoint, it shows up here.

From here, you can access each Touchpoint assignment by clicking on the Short Description link. This allows you to edit any of the information, attach files, and update the status to “Completed” or “Canceled.” As always, be sure to click the Update button every time changes are made.

My Favorites Dashlet

The Favorites Dashlet is generated by clicking the “favorite” Star for a contact on their People Dashboard. Don't forget to Update.

Now, when you go back to your main WordPress Dashboard, your Favorites Dashlet will remind you of all your favorite Humans!

Quick Add Touchpoint Dashlet

The Quick Add Touchpoint Dashlet is so self-explanatory, a screen shot will suffice. This feature is super convenient for adding Touchpoints on the fly!

“Everything you need to know about your humans in one spot.”

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