Is UkuuPeople What I Need?

 "UkuuPeople effortlessly ties all of your contact interactions and contact data collection tools together to form one authoritative master list of all of your contacts and a record of your interactions with them."

Let’s start with a few of the questions I’m supposing you have, and then maybe you can get in touch with me and tell me what other questions I can answer for you!

1. Will UkuuPeople fit my needs?

Awesome question!

In its most basic form, UkuuPeople is a free and simple, core CRM system. It provides a central location where everyone in your organization has access to your contacts' information.

UkuuPeople is a repository for basic contact data as well as a place to track contact interactions (TouchPoinnts). With UkuuPeople, you will be able to categorize and segment your contacts, so that you can run reports and do targeted emailing.

For added functionality, UkuuPeople also integrates with some popular programs, like GoogleCalendar, GravityForms, Give, and MailChimp. We also have add-ons for Importing, Exporting, Reporting, Reminders and Opportunity/Lead Management.

2. So what’s the advantage of using UkuuPeople instead of some major CRM system out there?

Mostly, it's simplicity. And if your needs are basic, the free CRM should cover your bases.

3. What if I need help setting up UkuuPeople CRM and the other tools you offer?

We offer lots of free help docs and video tutorials. And we love answering basic questions, if you shoot us a question. Also, if you think you're going to need more help or more immediate answers, feel free to purchase one of our  support packages.

4. Tell me more about the features of UkuuPeople. Can you give me a little more description and detail?

Sure! Here's a few links to some of our Support articles.

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Feel free to browse all our articles And always feel free to ask a question!

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