How do I Import 800 Contacts in 4 minutes?

Disclaimer: Although this is fast and easy, actual import time depends on your connection speed.


First, make sure you have the Ukuu CSV Import Add-on.

1. If it’s installed, you can go to the your UkuuPeople menu and click  Import.

2.  Choose File.

3. Click  Continue.

4. Make sure the various options are selected properly.

Option 1 is set by default. Only change this if you are sure your CSV file has a different delimeter.

Option 2 allows you to decide what you want to do with possible duplicates.

Option 3 allows you to select whether this list is of Individuals or Organizations.

Option 4 allows you to assign this list to a specific Tribe.

5. Following those 4 options, you will see a whole list of possible fields. Scroll down to Step 3 before dealing with these, if you are unsure what fields were on your CSV file.

At a glance, it looks as if our file was for Individuals and includes first and last names, addresses, counties, 2 phone #s, email, and website.

I don’t want the first and last names displayed as a company name, and I don’t want to include the county. So I will go back up to the field choices and make the following selections.

Notice that I did not use the “Display Name” or company name. And the things that I did want to use, I clicked the little arrow and chose to “map” the field to a field with a similar name.

6. Once done, I can click the  Verify Mapping button to make sure it’s what I want.

7. Then go to Step 4. Either click Begin the import… or choose to clear everything and start over.

“Everything you need to know about your humans in one spot.”

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