How do I create a Donation Page?

Donation pages are critical for nonprofit organizations and it's important that they're simple, engaging, and offer easy giving choices. It's also important to offer recurring transactions for sustainable growth. Here's how you can do that with UkuuPeople.

To set up a Donation Page you'll first want to create a form to collect the information including the gift amount and bring that data back into UkuuPeople. For this you need to have the   UkuuPeople Pro package which includes the Gravity Forms Add-on. You'll also need the Gravity Forms plugin which you can get here. You'll also probably need a payment gateway add-on for Gravity Forms. For this example we're using the PayPal add-on.

  1. Create your form in Gravity Forms. I'll show a sample configuration of fields here: 
  2. One of the keys to preparing to accept individual or recurring donations is to have a radio button field where the user can indicate this preference. 
  3. Once you have all your fields set up the fun part begins. First we want to setup your PayPal feeds. We'll set up the first one for one time donors. When you create the feed, select the transaction type of "Donation".
  4. Once you have your fields mapped you want to make sure you select "Conditional Logic" at the bottom. And Select the field you created for the user to select their payment frequency. For this one we want to only process the feed if they selected to give a one time donation.
  5. Next we are going to create a second feed for recurring transactions. For this one we want to select the transaction type of "Subscription". This will expose fields to select the payment frequency which for this form is monthly.
  6. Match the remaining fields and select your desired options again selecting the "Conditional Logic" and this time selecting to only process the feed if the payment frequency is recurring. 

    7. Now that you have your PayPal feeds setup it's time to setup some feeds to track this transaction in UkuuPeople. It seems like a lot of steps now but remember, once you get it setup once you won't have to deal with it again. Go to form settings and select the UkuuPeople Add-on to get started with your first UkuuPeople feed.

  7. Now just map your fields and save the feed. You don't need to map a field for every entry. Just the ones you want. First and Last Name as well as Email are required. (Note: the first feed is just the contact info. You'll create another feed for the donation portion which will turn into a TouchPoint in UkuuPeople.)

  8. Next you'll create a feed for the donation TouchPoint. This will take the donation amount and create a Touchpoint on the Human in UkuuPeople. You may want to create a custom Touchpoint for donations so you can easily filter by them. In this example we've just used the "Note" Touchpoint type and added the donation total as the Touchpoint "Details". 

  9. Feel free to customize other areas of your form as you wish. Especially the "Confirmations" and "Notifications" can be important to make sure your user gets a tailored experience. Other than that you are good to go! Create some awesome content in your donation page and when your ready, insert your form and watch the magic happen!

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