UkuuPeople Overview

This is an overview of all the things you can do with UkuuPeople. The purpose is to familiarize you with what UkuuPeople does, teach you how to navigate its basic features, and show you where to find the tools needed.

This is a simple, sleek, yet powerful CRM, so you’ll find that you’re up and running in no time!

Want a Live Demo?

If you want to try UkuuPeople out for yourself, here's access to our demo site that features the free core plugin as well as the paid addons. 

You can find it at
User Name: demouser
Password: ukuupass


UkuuPeople is divided into major categories, for tracking People, TouchPoints, and Opportunities. Each category has its own Dashboard, providing you with a birds-eye view of your data.


We display UkuuPeople’s Quick Dashlets on the WordPress Dashboard, so you're always up-to-date on the information that is most pertinent to you.


Humans are at the heart of UkuuPeople. You will be able to store your contact information here, with manual entry or by importing contacts. You can sort your people by Individuals or Organizations. You can organize them into Tribes for mailing blasts. Or assign them identifying tags. You can also track the history of your interactions and communication. Read more...


TouchPoints is where you can see and manage your ongoing interactions with people. Do you have a meeting scheduled? What was discussed during the last phone call you had with this person? Sort and search your TouchPoints here. Read more...


Track the various potential and pending transactions here. The leads you are following are categorized as “Hot,” “Warm,” or “Unqualified.” You can also search for closed deals, either “Won” or “Lost.” In the upper right hand corner of the Dashboard, you get an overview of the total potential dollar amounts for all “Hot” deals, all “Warm” deals, etc.  Read more...


This is where you configure such basic settings as the Types of TouchPoints, Tribes, and Tags you will be using in your business. Also, you can manage integration with MailChimp and your contact lists. And track your user licenses for UkuuPeople Add-ons. Read more...


The Add-ons page is your portal to seeing all the ways you can extend the functionality of UkuuPeople. We are on the move, developing further add-ons to enhance your UkuuPeople experience. Read more...

“Everything you need to know about your humans in one spot.”

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