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    If you're a Nonprofit using UkuuPeople, one of your big concerns is accepting and managing donations—the more the better! I know this because I regularly hear from nonprofits that they would like their donation page to be used in place of their home page. I'm exaggerating, of course, but let's not discount how important fundraising is to Nonprofits!

    We know this is a big concern, and we are continually enhancing UkuuPeople's feature set for donor management. A big first step in this direction is integrating with the  Give plugin from the good folks over at WordImpress. The  Give plugin is free and is the best donation plugin available for WordPress. You can download it from the WordPress plugin repository or from their site:

    (They have a great tutorials for setting up your donation pages here.)

    Now that you have that crucial plugin, you'll need a way to collect data from Give into UkuuPeople—remember, the glory of UkuuPeople is tracking all that data, from all those sources, in one spot!

    1. To start collecting the transaction and donor data back into UkuuPeople, you'll need to purchase and install the UkuuPeople Give Add-on. (For a tutorial on installing, go to the article "Install Add-ons or Plugins.")

    2. Once you've completed installation by activate your license key, your UkuuPeople is ready to  automatically start capturing donations and donor information from your Give forms.

    3. Create a Give Form for your website, following the excellent Give tutorials at their site here. (It might end up looking like this.)

    A confirmation is automatically generated and an email sent via Give.

    Below is the Contact Record that gets created in UkuuPeople, and a display of the Contribution details in the upper right.

    “Everything you need to know about your humans in one spot.”

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