We love to use email segmentation because it helps create more focused email campaigns. Categorizing contacts also gives you a clearer picture of your audience and their interests.

Let me show you one way a nonprofit might want to segment its contacts with the following fictional example. This particular example requires a little more effort than some of the categorizing you will probably do, which is why I’m blogging about it here. Hopefully it will open up a few more possibilities to you.

Rajaa likes the UkuuPeople CRM because it’s very basic and works well with Give’s Donation plugin and Gravity Forms. His nonprofit, Sunshine Box, is relatively small, with just over 3,500 kits going out to families who have terminally ill children or to those who have lost their children due to illness.

Rajaa’s supporters fall into several categories: those who donate money, those who donate items, and those who volunteer in creating the packages and sending them out. Though he has used UkuuPeople to segment these three groups into Tribes, he wanted to further segment the monetary donations group into more specific Tribes.

Here’s the process Rajaa followed for segmenting his donors.

One: Export a CSV file of donations from Give.

Two: Sort the Amount column by dollar amount.

Three: Save a segment of your list.

Choose “Save As” on this file to make a copy of it, name the file (something like Donors between $500 and $1,000), and then delete the rest of the list. (Remember to keep your Line 1 headings!)

Four: Go to UkuuPeople > Import and import the file.

Just make sure you choose “Update the User in UkuuPeople” and select the correct Tribe.

More about using the Import tool.

Five: Sync with MailChimp.

Rajaa uses our MailChimp syncing tool. So after repeating the above steps for each segment of donors, he is able to sync each Tribe with a specific MailChimp list and send out an email blast targeted toward that particular group of donors.

More about MailChimp syncing here.

While Rajaa is a fictitious character, we at UkuuPeople love when our Simple CRM fits your needs. And we love to hear about your ingenuity as well! Often, that’s what helps us in choosing which features to add to the CRM whenever we do an upgrade.

So please feel free to tell us (1) what you like about UkuuPeople (2) what ingenious ideas you’ve come up with in using UkuuPeople and (3) what features you’d like to see added to our implementation wishlist.

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