The nonprofits using UkuuPeople (pronounced OO-koo PEE-pl) are humans with a lot of heart. But, after doing some research, I have to conclude that the nonprofits using UkuuPeople also seem to be a niche of their own.

That’s a group of nonprofits in which:

  • 100 percent are serving a local city, county, or community.
  • 100 percent serve children and women.
  • 90 percent have excellent news coverage in their local area.
  • 85 percent have women as chair or president of their organization.
  • 60 percent were founded since the year 2000.
  • 40 percent have had national news coverage.
  • 40 percent offered some kind of student-oriented services.

We also have a couple of organizations that are involved in helping in their local area’s homelessness and/or addiction crises.

I’d say this is a pretty powerful group of humans! And while some of these organizations are run by only a handful of brave warriors, others had large boards and even larger staffs.

Do any of these characteristics sound like you? If so, it may be worth your time to look into UkuuPeople as an option.

Just be aware of several basics:

  • UkuuPeople is created for use on sites.
  • UkuuPeople’s core CRM is always totally free.
  • We do recommend that nonprofits purchase the Nonprofit Bundle, which includes tools for forms, donations, reporting, email campaigns, and more. (We have discounted the Nonprofit Bundle as a gesture of appreciation for what you do!)
  • The donation tool we integrate with is GiveWP, a plugin used and loved by tens of thousands of nonprofit organizations.
  • We are always glad to consult with you as to whether UkuuPeople is a fit for your organization. Just go to our UkuuPeople Support Page, click the red button, and Ask a Question.
  • We do offer support packages to help you with setup.

Setting Up?

How long should it take to get UkuuPeople CRM and the nonprofit package set up and enter your initial, basic data? Of course this will vary depending on how much past data you have and in how many locations you have it stored. (Another good reason to ask us a few questions first, to see if UkuuPeople is a fit for you). However, basic setup shouldn’t take more than an hour.

And if you want to see that happen step-by-step in real life, we offer tutorials that lead you through the process.

Will you Ukuu?

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