Are your contact lists mostly in your Gmail, divided (and duplicated) between two groups that you’ve been telling yourself you should unravel for two years?

Or maybe they’re in an Excel document, and every time you hear the words “segmentation of email groups” you want to groan or hide under your desk, feeling you must be behind every other nonprofit marketing manager you’ve ever met.

Do you wish you could email everybody that came to that coffee-and-Google-Adwords-thing that you threw last year? You congratulated yourself on getting three-quarters of the room to sign up for email on your clipboard. The sheet is, you hope, in the files somewhere, waiting for you to get organized enough to send out your first email, turning interested bystanders into passionate advocates.

UkuuPeople is designed to make emailing and keeping in touch with your contacts a rewarding experience.

But how, you might wonder. How does UkuuPeople help you love your people and grow your contact list?

By letting you group them into tribes based on their activities on your website and in real life. Filling out forms, attending events, asking questions–UkuuPeople can be set up to automatically add website visitors to tribes. Your tribes.

These tribes sync beautifully with MailChimp lists. Ever heard of email segmentation? MailChimp’s latest studies show that segmented email campaigns receive 14.31 percent more opens and 100.95 percent more clicks (4.65 percent lower bounces and 9.37 percent lower unsubs are also good stats to ponder).

UkuuPeople + MailChimp creates a beautiful marriage for email segmentation and frequent, targeted communication.

Often I see people wondering, “Why can’t I just create my email lists in MailChimp and interact with them there? Why do I need a separate contact manager to group my contacts into tribes?”

So many reasons:

  • For one, email services may charge for the number of subscribers you have (for example MailChimp charges after 2,000 contacts). But storing your contacts in UkuuPeople’s database is free. You can sync them to MailChimp when you’re ready.
  • An email service cannot show you a 360-degree view of each contact and your interactions with that contact.
  • An email service cannot show you phone-call notes you’ve made or meetings you have coming up with your contact manager.
  • An email service cannot remind you to keep in touch with a certain important donor or contact.
  • An email service cannot place contacts in groups based on real-time data such as donations or size of donations.

These are just a few reasons. What about team collaboration on keeping in touch with major donors? What about tasks you want to keep tabs on related to important contacts? What about deals or donations you’re about to close?

For all of the above, UkuuPeople offers you a 360-degree view of your individual contacts.

And if you’ve been going without, let us introduce you to the beauty of automated reminders. Automated reminders clear desk space in your mind by letting you know that you won’t forget that important phone call or chat. You care about your contacts, but the automated age gets in the way of those heart-to-hearts you want to remember. Automated reminders help you do just that. Remember.

We’d love for you to start thinking of your Contact Manager as a place to get to know your contacts in a detailed manner, while your email service is the tool you use to send out email campaigns based on those ever-changing tribes.

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