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Video Tutorial - TouchPoint Types

Video Tutorial - Tribes and Tags

Written Tutorial - Step-by-Step:

There are 3 General Settings options.

1.  Touchpoint Types. This category allows you to set up certain types of touchpoints-such as phone calls or meetings. Later, when you go to Add a Touchpoint for one of your Humans, you’ll be able to choose what type of touch it will be, based on the items you set up here.

2.  Tribes category. This feature helps you group your relationships into categories for reports or targeted email blasts. Very helpful for those who sync with MailChimp.

3.  Tags category. Once again, you can divide your contacts into specific groups with this feature-—great for filtered lists and reports—but Tags are a more incidental grouping compared to the more permanent nature of Tribes. You can devise your own in-house categories, so you know what sorts of things are Tag-worthy and which are Tribe-worthy. (Just Tag me as “Coffee-drinker,” okay?)

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