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If you want to find a specific contact or a specific group of contacts, there are several tools to help you.

1. Use the  Search Human tool to find a specific contact by First Name, Last Name, or part of an Email Address. (Notice that you could turn up an entire list, rather than a specific individual if you enter something too generic in the box.)

2. You can also Filter your list of contacts according to their several categories, as shown.

a. Choose which Tribes, Tags, or Contact Types you want to view.

b. Click  Filter.

3. The most general option of all is to click on one of the Basic Categories, as shown below.

a. Lists Individual Human contacts.

b. Lists Organizations.

c. Lists everyone in your database.

d. Lists anything you chose to Trash but did not yet permanently delete.

4. And finally, you can filter and export with the Reporting Addon, as described here.

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