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Depending on whether you’re for profit or non-profit, your biggest drive is either for sales or donations. So it’s pretty important that you track the opportunities you have for that. Here we give you a very efficient tracking tool, providing you with a 360 degree view of your open Opportunities at any given time.

So let me give you a quick overview of some of the handy features included in the Opportunity Management Add-on.

Here’s the Main Opportunity Dashboard

First, we have this little Indicator Panel, and it shows you:  

1. A couple of little symbols that you can toggle between. When the Shopping Cart icon is active, the panel figures are YTD. When the Retro icon is active, the figures on the panel are prior to this year.

2. Open Opportunities, itemized according to Unqualified, Warm, or Hot.

3. Figures for all Opportunities that were Won or Lost YTD.

4. And the total value currently in open in your Funnel. 

There’s this nice visual, a sort of thermometer of your open opportunities. 

And the handy sorting and filtering options that come along with all the main Dashboards.

And finally, there’s the personalized Dashlet.

Also, learn how to  Add Opportunities.

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