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Building an email list and sending out email blasts to that specific list is easy with Gravity FormsMailChimp, and whichever popular UkuuPeople Bundle best meets your needs. An email list in UkuuPeople is linked to a Tribe, which can then be synced with your MailChimp mailing list. In this way, no matter whether you add your human to the mailing Tribe manually or via a form, it will still be synced properly.

This tutorial is a compilation of several others, so follow the links for step-by-step help.

1. First you’ll want to be sure you have a Tribe set up in UkuuPeople for your mailing list.

2. Next you’ll want to set up your  Subscription form in Gravity Forms. 

3. We’re ready to set up some feeds, starting with an “Add New Contact to UkuuPeople” feed. Just be very careful, in this case, to be sure the Tribe you are mapping to is the one you’re going to use for your email list in MailChimp. Or, if you have several email lists for your subscriber to choose from (Daily vs Weekly or Beginner vs Advanced) follow these instructions to sort into multiple Tribes for multiple email lists.

4. Once you save your feed and form you might want to customize other areas of your form. The “Confirmations” and “Notifications” can be especially important to make sure your user gets a tailored experience. Then just insert your form in a page or widget and watch the magic happen! 

5. And last of all, once all your new signees have been automatically added to your email list Tribe, you can sync them to MailChimp and send out a great email blast to all the subscribers.

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