Add a New Contact/Human

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Creating new Humans is fun and easy in UkuuPeople!


1. Click the  UkuuPeople menu in your WordPress Dashboard.

Go to the UkuuPeople Contact Dashboard

2. Click on the Add New button.

Add a New Contact Record

3. Select Human (or Organization).

Select a Contact Type

4. Notice that all fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled out before a new record can be saved. Otherwise, you may pick and choose your desired fields. Once you’re done, click the  Create button in the upper right.

Save Contact Record

5. Your Human is now complete! 

View New Contact Record

Bonus tip: 

You can click the little “favorite” star beside the contact name, and then scroll down and click Update to add a Human to your favorites list.

Set Contact as Favorite

Now, when you go back to your main WordPress Dashboard, you can scroll down to your Favorites Dashlet and see your favorite Humans!

My Favorite Humans Dashlet
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