UkuuPeople just keeps getting better.

With the Opportunity Management Add-on for UkuuPeople you can begin tracking your opportunities and the activities happening around them.

Quick and Easy Access

A simple dashlet on the WordPress dashboard gives you a preview of your latest deals. It also gives you quick access to click through to your Individual Opportunity Dashboard.

Ukuu People: Opportunity Management Add-on for WordPress

Opportunity Dashboard

From your Opportunity Dashboard you can see all your Opportunities as well as totals by Pipeline Stage.

Opportunity management, CRM for WordPress, Ukuu People

Inactive Days Feature

You can also see some great details about your opportunities like a “Proposal Due” date, who the sales person is, and how many days it’s been since the last activity on the Opportunity.

Manage opportunities with UkuuPeople, simple CRM for WordPress.
So what sort of Opportunities might one manage? Here are just a few.

  • Nonprofit grants and grant submission deadlines.
  • Sales opportunities for your business.
  • Major donor and major gift opportunities for nonprofits.
  • Collaborative partnership opportunities. (co-marketing, cross promotion, etc.)
  • Investor relationship cultivation.

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Opportunity Managment

Check out our help documentation.

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