Yes, you can easily manage leads and maximize sales using our sales pipeline plugin. And you don’t even have to be doing sales. We have nonprofit organizations that love this tool and use it to manage all their leads. Call it an Opportunity Manager, a Leads Manager, a Sales Manager, a Pipeline to track a relationship from cold to lukewarm to piping hot. It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that we help you track your potentially valuable contacts, and we make it easy for you.

In the last post, I gave you an overview of the kinds of people who have purchased our Sales Management extension for the UkuuPeople CRM. While it looks like our largest customer base for this is probably WordPress developers who are setting up websites for a wide variety of clients, the truth is that you don’t need to be techie to use our Simple CRM for WordPress. You really can add your very own CRM to your website without a WordPress technician’s help.

In this post, I want to demonstrate just how easy it is to get set up, no matter what your skill level is when it comes to WordPress.


First of all, I’ve posted basic setup instructions for UkuuPeople here. I don’t want to be tedious by spelling everything out, but there are people who prefer to have someone explain what to do, step-by-step. If that’s you, here you go!

We also offer written step-by-step tutorials as well as video tutorials on our Support Site. The main tutorials you’re going to want (presuming your went through the basic setup mentioned above already) will be the ones for our add-ons that come in the Sales Management Bundle. Feel free to browse.

Overview of the Sales/Leads Manager

How to Add an Opportunity

We Answer Questions

And, as always, we truly love human relationships and would be thrilled to hear from you if you have any questions at all. Just click on the big, red Ask A Question button at the top right of our support site.

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