Gravity Forms Feed

Gravity Forms is the most loved form creator for WordPress. With it you can create contact forms, surveys, simple e-commerce listings and more!

With this integration to sync GravityForms data to your UkuuPeople contacts, you can bring your form data back into UkuuPeople in the form of People or Touchpoints.

Automate Data Collection

  • By setting up feeds for contact information from your front end forms to UkuuPeople, you can add information about current contacts as well as adding new contacts to your database.

Automate Activities

  • Add UkuuTouchPoints to your UkuuPeople contact records by setting up feeds from your front-end form date fields, comment fields, and more.
  • Alternatively, simply set up a scheduled UkuuTouchPoint to alert staff every time a contact fills out a certain form or submits certain data.

Add Contacts to UkuuTribes

  • Automatically add contacts to your  UkuuTribes for easy email marketing.

This Version

  • Current Version: 1.0.7



  • Tested up to WordPress 5.3

We recommend servers running version 7.3 or greater of PHP as well as either version 5.6 of MySQLor at least version 10.1 of  MariaDB.

* Each license is valid for 1 year; billed yearly until cancelled.

Single or Multisite

Gravity Forms Integration

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