Give Donations Sync

Give is the fastest growing donation pages plugin for WordPress. Designed specifically for nonprofit organizations for the purpose of fundraising on your WordPress website, GiveWP offers the flexibility to create and display your donation pages effortlessly and have them look beautiful every time!

This integration with GiveWP captures your donation information and syncs it to your contact dashboard. It displays the total number of contributions, lifetime contributions, average contribution, YTD, and previous year.

Keep Donors on Your Website

  • Don't let your traffic get away from you by using an external donations page. Use Give and sync the donation information to your UkuuPeople contact database.

Choice of Popular Payment Gateways

  • With the GiveWP Donations plugin, you can choose from a variety of Payment Gateway options.

Donation Reporting in UkuuPeople

  • Record donations in UkuuPeople automatically and view donation reporting right in your contact dashboard.

Add Donors to UkuuTribes

  • Automatically add donors to your  UkuuTribes for easy email marketing.

This Version

  • Current Version: 1.0.2



  • Tested up to WordPress 5.3

We recommend servers running version 7.3 or greater of PHP as well as either version 5.6 of MySQLor at least version 10.1 of  MariaDB.

* Each license is valid for 1 year; billed yearly until cancelled.

Single or Multisite

Give Integration

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