Don’t Just Take Our Word For It: Happy UkuuPeople Customers

How do you know you can trust a business? That they are who they say they are and will do what they say they’re going to do? Do you simply take their word for it? Try out the product for yourself? Ask others?

We live in a world today where reviews and customer feedback are becoming increasingly important. Consumers are making more decisions based on peer recommendations, and for good reason. Who better to trust than users of a product themselves?

At UkuuPeople, we look forward to hearing what our customers have to say about our product, the Simple CRM for WordPress. We want our community to have access to honest reviews, so you can make a better decision about your customer relationship management tool.

We’ve researched the variety of humans using UkuuPeople in our Customer Profile for UkuuPeople Basic Bundle, and we found that from bloggers to nonprofits (who you can read about in our Nonprofit Customer Profile), to realtors, web developers, and entrepreneurs, UkuuPeople seems to have something for everyone.

But don’t just take our word for it.

We recently conducted a survey of UkuuPeople users, both new to the Simple CRM and long-term users, to hear what they had to say.

Question: How would you describe UkuuPeople to a friend?

“It’s a simple-to-use contact relationship management system. Very reasonably priced. Works like it promises. Customer service is top notch!” –Jeeni Criscenzo, president of Amikas, a nonprofit that works to keep women and children from homelessness.

“Ukuu is pretty easy to use, and I think it’s a good solution for WordPress. The MailChimp integration is really decent and trouble-free.” –Rob Butz, of Canadian-based Oxygen Smith, working in web development and digital strategy.

“Clean design, great customer service and an affordable price point.” –Martha Dietzel, the Nonprofit Alliance for Children’s Rights.

Question: Do you feel like UkuuPeople has helped you grow your audience?

“Yes! It’s so easy to collect contact data via our website, events, donations, etc.” –Jeeni Criscenzo.

Question: Is there anything you would change about UkuuPeople?

“There are two main features we are very hopeful will be added to UkuuPeople in the near future so it becomes more useful to us: the ability to search full text touchpoints, and custom fields.” –Martha Dietzel.

Question: Why did you decide on UkuuPeople for your CRM?

“We were looking for a CRM that was very minimal/clean and could run on our existing WordPress platform.” –Martha Dietzel.

“As a nonprofit without dedicated funding for a CRM, we were looking for a low-cost alternative that would be easy to use and accessible from a number of locations.” –Richard Powell of Island Crisis Care Society.

Question: What’s your favorite UkuuPeople Add-On and why?

“Gravity Forms integration, MailChimp sync, and import/export/report tools. Being able to integrate with MailChimp has been a real timesaver! And the Gravity Forms integration lets us collect specific information from our website and automatically updates the data in UkuuPeople. Running a small, all-volunteer nonprofit, anything that makes us more efficient while looking professional is a Big Plus!” –Jeeni Criscenzo.

Helping our customers better connect with their contacts through a simple and easy to use CRM, while at the same time providing great customer service, is exactly what we strive to do every day at UkuuPeople. And we’re always eager to hear from our customers so we know how we’re doing. Please let us know how UkuuPeople has worked for you in the comments below.

If you haven’t tried UkuuPeople yet, then how can we help you? Do you have questions? You can give us a try on our demo site, or shoot us a message. We’d love to chat!

We’re UkuuPeople the Simple CRM For WordPress.

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