This is part three of our series on what kind of people have found our bundled add-ons to be useful. So far, we looked at our level one package—the Basic Bundle—and found that its top three markets were Personal Websites/Bloggers, WordPress Site Builders, and Real Estate Marketers. The Nonprofit Bundle customer profile was pretty straightforward. Because of the GiveWP integration we offer in that bundle, it’s most loved by (you guessed it) nonprofits accepting donations.

And now we’re going to take a look at which market sector uses our third and most extensive package of addons—the Sales Bundle for UkuuPeople. My guess was that realtors would top our Sales Bundle list, but I was way off. Internet services are far and away top customer in this. (Does this say something about the value of real property and virtual property in our day?)

Here’s a ratio-based visual of our current Sales Bundle users:

What impressed me is that most of these internet service providers—offering hosting, security assurance, development, design, content marketing, branding, SEO, and more—have such stunning websites. Really, what else should I expect? And yet, behind the plush is this lightweight CRM. The Simple CRM for WordPress.

Now, I don’t know who’s reading this. But I want to assure you of one thing: you don’t have to be a WordPress technician to use UkuuPeople’s CRM. It’s straightforward, visually intuitive, and plays nicely with well-known brands like Google Calendar, Gravity Forms, and MailChimp.

One: Integration with Gravity Forms

This integration feeds contact information from your front end forms into the UkuuPeople CRM contact database.

At its simplest, it takes the basic contact information from a form on your site . . .

. . . and enters it into your CRM, like this. (Image doesn’t auto-enter unless this person has a WordPress Gravatar.)

More complex Gravity Forms entries (surveys, events) also feed into your contact’s record, showing a history of their interactions with your site.

Two: Import, Export and Report

The Sales Bundle can be used to import data from prior contact databases, run simple reports on that data, export contacts, and sync contacts with MailChimp for email campaigns.

Three: Syncs with Google Calendar

The Sales Bundle offers syncing of your assigned activities (phone calls, meetings) to your Google Calendar and lets you set reminders for following up on sales opportunities or your “Humans” birthdays.

Four: Sales, Leads, Opportunities Manager

The biggest impact of the Sales Bundle is the Sales/Opportunities Manager, which allows you to track all your leads from cold to hot and won or lost. Visuals on the contact record show you the value of the individual or organization/business. Visuals on your home dashboard let the logged-in salesperson know the value of their sales pipeline.

The Master Opportunity Dashboard shows a history of all details for all salespeople.

So, yes, I can see why it could be a perfect package for internet service companies. But don’t let that scare you off. Anyone who wants to track their opportunities (nonprofit or for-profit) can use this easily.

Five: Ask Us All Your Questions

We aren’t stingy about answering questions. You’re our fellow-humans, after all, and at UkuuPeople, we love Humans! So feel free to go to our support page and ask a question!

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