In addition to the always-free UkuuPeople CRM, there’s a variety of extensions and add-ons we offer to extend its versatility for a variety of usages. At first, we offered these add-ons individually, but as we recognized specific purchase patterns, we developed more focused packages. These have turned out to be a hit, as it saves time in the decision-making and purchasing processes.

Today I wanted to take a look at what sorts of humans have purchased the Basic Bundle, our combo made up of the Import/Export/Report tool, the Gravity Forms integration, and the MailChimp integration.

Basic Bundle customer base, on a “per hundred humans” scale.

What did not surprise me about these ratios was that e-commerce humans generally found the Basic Package too limited for their needs and that WordPress developers and bloggers found it to be most fitting for their needs.

On the other hand, I’ll admit I was surprised to find the number of realtors using the Basic Package to be so high. I would have expected them to go after the Sales Management Bundle, with its Lead (Opportunity) Tracking add-on.

Still, this was encouraging to me, because it showed that “the Simple CRM” is pretty robust if this array of humans has been able to use it profitably.

What makes the Basic Bundle robust enough for this spectrum?

First, the Import/Export/Report tool is a no-brainer. Almost everyone who uses UkuuPeople had a prior database, even if it was just their gmail contact list or a simple spreadsheet. So being able to import those contacts without time-consuming manual entry is a must for making the switch.

Second, the ability to capture new contacts from your front-facing site forms. This one has been a little bit more of a learning curve for a few of our users because not everyone uses Gravity Forms in the first place. So there’s often a question of “Do I need 3 components for this? (1) UkuuPeople, (2) Gravity Forms, and (3) your Gravity Forms integration?” And the answer is yes. Some wonder why, since they’re already used to using a free form builder, like Ninja or Contact Form 7. But once you experience the power of Gravity Forms, you begin to see why we chose it. It’s also stable, up-to-date, well-supported, and has millions of users. Many other WordPress plugins integrate with it as well, such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and much more.

I should mention that our integration with Gravity Forms makes it possible to do more than just capture contact data into the CRM. You can also create feeds to capture further information about your contacts and even set up TouchPoints to remind you to reach out to your humans.

Finally, the third part of the Basic Bundle package, our MailChimp integration, makes it easy for you to communicate with your base. Whether you like to send out regular RSS feeds, or send out other targeted email blasts, a quick sync with your UkuuPeople database is all it takes to update your MailChimp lists and connect with your humans.

How long does it take to set up the basic CRM and the accompanying Basic Bundle integrations?

Of course this depends to a degree on the size of your contact base, how many front-facing forms you want to connect with, and your tech-savviness. But even for the uninitiated, it should take less than an hour to get going with new forms feeding data into your contact records and all your current contacts imported, segmented into tribes and synced to your MailChimp lists!

I think there are a few of you who will groan and say it took you longer than that. If that’s you, check out my demo that walks bloggers through a complete setup of the (always free) UkuuPeople CRM and its accompanying Basic Bundle.

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