As I noted in the last article, our two largest purchasers of the Basic Bundle for UkuuPeople are WordPress site developers and bloggers. While WordPress developers are undoubtedly tech savvy and don’t need to be walked through a setup process, our larger audience of bloggers and others with personal websites might be grateful for more specific direction.

After all, our goal for the UkuuPeople CRM is simplicity. We want this tool to be intuitive enough that anyone can use it.

So here are the six steps any non-techy blogger can follow to get up and running.

One: Install the Core UkuuPeople Plugin

Two: Define Settings and Enter Data


Three: Purchase and Install UkuuPeople’s Basic Bundle

Four: Create a Form to Automatically Capture Leads into UkuuPeople

Five: Import your Email Contacts

Six: Sync to MailChimp

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