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Basic Bundle

This basic bundle includes all the essentials you'll need to get up and running with UkuuPeople.

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Sales Management Bundle

The Sales Management Bundle includes everything you need to manage your sales pipeline with UkuuPeople.

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Nonprofit Plus Bundle

The Nonprofit Plus Bundle includes everything you'll need to get your nonprofit organization up and running with UkuuPeople.

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All Add-ons

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Gravity Forms Integration

Connect your forms with your CRM to create Humans and Touchpoints.

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MailChimp Integration

Use MailChimp's mass mailing power to connect your people.

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Google Calendar Sync

Sync your activities to your Google Calendar and get all your events in one place!

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UkuuPeople Import/Export/Reporting

The Ukuu CSV Import/Export tool makes setting up your CRM a flash! And now it includes simple reporting.

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Give (Donation Pages) Integration

Automatically create donor records in your CRM from the Give donation plugin.

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Opportunity Management, add-on, WordPress, CRM

Opportunity Manager

360⁰ view of your sales/opportunity pipeline activity and sales people

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Never miss out on that important meeting again! With UkuuPeople Reminders you can set up reminder rules to send yourself or your team a notification email so you don’t miss the important things.

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