The Beauty of Tribes, Humans, and Touchpoints

Quick-Add a Touchpoint

We think a CRM should be both robust and personal, so with UkuuPeople, we’ve created a dashlet for your WordPress dashboard where you can quickly and easily add a Touchpoint to any human by beginning to type their name. Then you can select them from a list once their name comes up, and enter your Touchpoint. A Touchpoint can be as open-ended as a note (likes sushi) or as specific as an upcoming meeting or a donation.

How to Use the Quick Add TouchPoint Dashlet

Gravity Forms Integration

Did you know you can use the data you capture in a Gravity Form to add Touchpoints and fields to a contact? You can also use a Gravity Form to auto-trigger the creation of new contacts in your Contact dashboard. Someone fills it out and, viola, that person is added to your dashboard. Not only that, but they can be added to a specific Tribe on your request when setting up the Gravity Form.

How to Use the Gravity Forms Integration

Email Sync

This is probably my favorite. Sync your Tribes to your MailChimp email lists. What wonders cannot be accomplished with this feature! Let’s say you have a group of people that all filled out the form that states, “I would be interested in an event on modern web design.” Simply and quickly sync these people to a new MailChimp list and let the campaigns begin. You can keep them updated of such events in the future and continue to find out their preferences. Always make sure you let them tweak their email preferences. (You should always give people the option in the form to opt in or out of such notices to begin with, as well).

How to Sync Your MailChimp List

Import Massive CSVs of People Records

If you have an Excel document of contact records from a previous organization list, email campaign, form entry, or anything at all that’s made its way into an excel document, you can save this list as a CSV, import it into UkuuPeople and choose which tribe to add the contact records to. Stellar.

How to Import Contacts Quickly and Easily

Inactive Days on People Dashboard

Nate’s favorite feature. He loves to use the CRM as a way to keep up with prospective and existing clients. With the Opportunity add-on, he can see how many days there have been since the last contact with any individual. He can sort by this “inactive days” filter as well, and can thus follow up with the most neglected opportunities to connect with other humans. This is especially useful for sales and donor opportunities, and turns UkuuPeople into a sales/opportunity management CRM.

We hope this gives you some great ideas on how you can use UkuuPeople to boost your organization’s efficiency in connecting with the people who support it.

How to Manage Your Opportunities

Long live your mission.


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