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Track every interaction. This could be a meeting, a contact form submission, a phone call, an email, or a purchase on your website.


Email List Building

Automate your marketing by syncing your people tribes with your mailing lists using the MailChimp add-on.

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Schedule meetings with your people using TouchPoints. Add notes to your meeting TouchPoints so you remember what you talked about later.

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Attach all the things! Attach documents or any allowed file type to any TouchPoint.

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Create tasks for yourself or assign them to others. Task TouchPoints make work a little more fun and easy.

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Due Dates

Schedule your tasks, meetings, and other TouchPoints using the TouchPoint due dates.

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Get a quick view of your upcoming tasks and favorite People using our awesome WordPress dashlets.

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Search for your People and TouchPoints using the built in WordPress search tools. You can also filter by Tribes, Tags, or Date.



We’re committed to expanding integrations with WordPress premium tools as well as third party tools.

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Featured Add-ons


Gravity Forms

Bring your form data back into UkuuPeople in the form of People or Touchpoints.

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Ukuu CSV Import

The Ukuu CSV Import/Export tool makes setting up your CRM a flash!

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Google Apps

Sync your activities to your Google Calendar, sync your contact list to your business contact list and more.

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